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A small village full of water lying on the banks of the Chienti river, a natural crossroads of passage, Muccia has been characterized since prehistoric times as a hub of important communication routes. Built in pre-Roman times, Muccia had its moment of maximum splendor under the lordship of the Da Varano, becoming the seat of an important system of hydraulic mills for processing cereals. The mill from Varano, documented in 1502 was one of the three existing mills in Muccia: located at the point of rejoining the waters of the Chienti river, located near the city walls, the place where all the wheat produced in this area was ground side of the territories of the Da Varano.

The other two mills were built further downstream, at  a distance of about 500 metres from each other. Through a hydraulic system, whose engine was represented by the turbine, the mill exploited the mechanical energy produced by the current of the watercourse: the force of the movement of the water, combined with the effect of the turbine, set in motion the mechanism that it operated the mill and allowed the processing of grains. In 1910, with the advent of the industrial revolution, a hydraulic turbine was installed for the production of electricity. The generator, which still exists, supplied energy to much of the historic center of Muccia and remained active untile the Second World War when it was blown up by the retreating German army. Of the three mills, the main one is the only one that has observed the characteristics and some typical equipment. The last one, the one further downstream, was completely transformed into still functioning hydroelectric plant, while the intermediate one was converted into residential building.

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